Divorce: 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover

There must be fifty ways to leave your lover.  Paul Simon told us that many years ago, but he wasn’t talking about divorce, which is perhaps the hardest and most expensive way to do it.

But divorce doesn’t have to be any harder or more expensive than you want it to be.  Typically, vengeance and vilification are the most painful and costly aspects of divorce.  If those are not on your checklist of objectives in getting divorced, then do you need to engage in them, or to pay for them?  No, you do not.

Ask divorced people and most will tell you that their divorce was far more costly and painful than necessary.  They might say something like, “We should have sat down with a bottle of wine at the kitchen table and just divvied things up evenly – then we wouldn’t have spent most of our hard-earned savings on lawyer fees.”  Sound like advice you might want to follow?  You can.

I am a trained and experienced divorce lawyer – but I’m also trained and experienced in Collaborative Law, an approach that is designed to leave spousal retribution and its costs at the office doorstep.

Think about it – once upon a time you and your spouse were deeply in love and anxious to spend the rest of your lives together.  Then life happened, and with it things that made your marriage break down.  Is that a good reason for waging pitched battle with your spouse, a la The War of the Roses?  Granted, it might be fun to have Danny Devito as your lawyer – but is that really what you want?

If your idea of getting divorced is to do it with a minimum of fighting with your spouse and with support in the areas that you really need it – emotional and financial – then Collaborative might be the way for you to go.  In Collaborative, you have the help of specially-trained financial experts and mental health professionals who work with you and your lawyer to get you divorced without wasting time, money, and energy on fighting with your spouse.  We focus on the aspects of divorce that are probably the most meaningful to you as you embark on your new, single life – financial security and emotional healing – with as little investment in legal fees as is practical under your circumstances.

Visit the Collaborative Law websites linked on my website and contact me to explore what Collaborative can do for you.  It might just be the best way to leave your lover.

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